I loved and hated it. I was in the dork classes, like honors English. I also did drama and was a yearbook photographer. But there were definitely embarrassing moments: My first week, my two best friends and I convinced our parents to let us go to a party for an hour. So people are drinking, and the three of us are standing in this terrified triangle. All of a sudden this senior gets into an argument with a guy next to us, and as I’m turning to see what’s going on, she goes to punch him and I get clocked in the nose instead. Blood is everywhere. Meanwhile, somebody caught it all on video, and the football team was like, “We’ve been watching it in the locker room. You should’ve seen your face!”I was Bloddy-Nose Girl for a while. I have a deviated septum from that night— It’s why my voice is so nasally.

Dianna Agron (on high school)